We at Quality Cleaning “Maid to Order” pride ourselves on the quality of work that we provide to our clients. Our prices are higher than those that you will find on Craigslist for several reasons

A. In addition to doing application reviews, phone and personal interviews we also do through screening that includes checking social security and employment verification as well as personal and professional reference check and employment history verification

B. We pay to perform intensive background checks on each of our staff every 6 months to not only insure that they have no criminal record when joining our service but to make sure that they don’t obtain any records while employed by us. These checks include both Local, State and Federal database searches which cost more than having just local searches done as some of our professional competitors do.

C. We pay to have a motor vehicle record check done on all of our drivers

D. We drug test each of our staff on a regular basis

E. Once we have a fully vetted each new hire we then conduct proper and through training which unlike others in the industry is not just a couple of days; it is a minimum of 6 months under the tutelage of a combination of working with our owner, our trainer and our seasoned team leaders. It is only when all 3 levels of management feel that an employee is ready to represent our name and quality that we allow that employee to work without constant daily supervision.

F. We are active members in Associations that are specific to our industry and as such we have ongoing company wide training sessions that keep our staff abreast with the newest trends and techniques in the industry.

G. We carry all of the proper insurances to keep both your home as well as our employees safe. We carry a 2 million dollar general liability policy, bonding for theft, Workman’s comp insurance & disability insurance. Plus we carry riders on our insurances that most are not even aware of that add extra protections to all. When you add up all of these insurances a large percentage of what we are paid is paid back out in just insurances alone

H. We provide all of the equipment and supplies to each job. Using top of the line products that are each applicable for the many varied surfaces that we can commonly encounter while cleaning homes and not just use a cheap all purpose cleaner to clean everything

I. With the help of a professional house cleaner it is easier to keep the place clean. This line of work is hard on the body and we believe that the people doing it should be paid well for their labors. While there are those who will charge $15 to $30 per hour on Craigslist they are most likely asking not reporting their income and therefore they are not either paying into long term protections such as state disability or workman’s comp nor are they protecting you or your property in any manner, therefore if (or should I say when) something goes wrong they will either disappear, turn to you to pay for their injuries or leave you hanging for their mishaps

J. We offer you the checks and balances of having another layer of management between you and the person cleaning your home. We understand that it is often uncomfortable to speak directly to the person who is doing the work when you have some sort of criticism of their work, even if its constructive criticism, we take that discomfort out of the equation for you. You call our office with your concerns and we will handle the discussions for you

K. We maintain enough staff that we are able to cover when a cleaner is out for any reason therefore we pride ourselves when we say that our last minute cancellation rate is less than 1% per year. We know how disappointing it is to plan to have your home cleaned only to get that call (or worse yet, come home to find) that the cleaning staff is not coming today.

L. Most importantly – we have been around for 29 + years and we plan to still be around for many, many more years to come. Where will your Craigslist person be tomorrow, next month or next year?

Considering all of the above you can see that hiring a cleaning company such as ours adds value to your cleaning and that value is a bargain when you consider the price we charge.