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Are We the Perfect Match?
Are you seeking part time or full time, long term employment? Would you like work that’s immediately gratifying AND makes the lives of others a whole lot more wonderful? Look no further!


  • are available for work from 8:30 am-5pm, either Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday for full-time or set hours for part-time work
  • have a reliable car, car insurance, and a valid driver’s license
  • are comfortable driving to 2-3 client homes per day and working independently most of the time, as well as in teams
  • are by nature efficient, organized, detailed, focused and proactive
  • honestly enjoy cleaning
  • can speak, read, and write English proficiently
  • are able to provide 2-3 professional references
  • have a history of staying with a job for a year or longer


  • offer excellent, hands-on, paid training (no cleaning experience necessary!)
  • provide top of the line equipment and earth friendly products
  • have a fun, supportive atmosphere with stable and effective management
  • are independently owned and family operated
  • go above and beyond proposed $15 minimum wage, and pay our employees MORE than just a living wage. We offer full time hours, and don’t burden them with the expenses and liabilities of being an independent contractor

Fantastic Pay…

  • our intensive 4-5 week training program pays hourly for all work hours including drive time between jobs, plus we provide a generous gas stipend
  • after training, pay increases! And includes our generous gas stipend, benefits, tips, bonuses, etc.
  • our Paid Time Off far surpasses mandatory sick pay requirements, and begins accruing on your first day


Our Culture
Quality Cleaning Maid to Order is the area’s highest rated companies for quality and customer satisfaction. We are also a winner of many awards including the Best of Fremont awards for 6 years now. Be part of a winning team of house cleaning experts, have fun working independently or with a partner, and find out what it’s like to have an employer who knows who you are and cares that you are happy and fulfilled in your employment.

If you like hard work and thrive in an upbeat, supportive environment, you will simply love it here. Our one-on-one training program will equip you with every skill you need to succeed in your new house cleaning job. So long as you apply yourself and focus on your successes, our systems will guide you through seamlessly.

We are not looking for employees who want a job. We are looking for employees who want THIS job. A great company can only be built by great people who are committed to their own success and to the success of the company. Your contributions count here and your unique abilities are noticed.

We hire from within the company for all field positions which include Team Leader and Trainer and Field Supervisor. We also hire from within for office positions including Quality Assurance Supervisor, HR, Purchaser, Office Manager and Operations Manager.

Along the way enjoy all the great benefits we provide which are designed to support you and give you more of what’s important in your life.

Additional income for our staff include –
Additional Services Referral Bonus- receive 5% of total sale
Tips from happy clients- Yes, Yes, Yes
Leadership Cleaner Roles: Trainer, Team Leader, Quality Assurance Provider all receive additional pay.
Quality Bonus- Earned when a Cleaner works their normal work schedule without quality issues.
New On-going Client Bonus- If a 1 time Client signs up for On-going Service each Cleaner attending the Initial Cleaning receives additional hourly pay for the job.
Additional Services Referral Bonus- When a Client receives an Additional Service such as window or carpet cleaning, a bonus is due to the Cleaner who recommended the Additional Service.

Anniversary Gift
1st Year: $100.00
2nd Year: $200.00
3rd Year: $300.00
4th Year: $400.00
5th Year: $500.00
6th Year: $600.00
7th Year: $700.00
8th Year: $800.00
9th Year: $900.00
10th Year: $1,000.00


What is a normal work day like?

Our work days are primarily spent providing ongoing maintenance cleanings for our clients in the South East bay area. After training, our cleaners work solo or in teams. All our cleaners work full time. We drive directly to the first client’s home in the morning, complete 2-3 cleanings, and then are done for the day. Most homes we clean range between 2.5-3.5 hours per house, or you may have a day with just 2 bigger cleanings that range between 3-4 hours per house. Every Wednesday morning we meet at our office to share ideas, brainstorm problems, and plan for our super-fun monthly employee/family events. Everyone looks forward to connecting with each other at our meetings.

Do you guarantee my hours?
At Quality Cleaning Maid to Order, our staff never has to worry about not getting a full schedule. We provide additional work for any openings in your schedule with tasks such as office work or special projects/errands. Technically, the hours are not “guaranteed”, but we are a thriving business and typically have more work than we need!

Will I be an employee or an independent contractor?
Nope! All of our house cleaners are bonafide employees. There are no licensing requirements for our staff. Our company pays for and provides all top-of-the-line cleaning supplies and equipment. As your employer, we calculate and manage all normal payroll tax payments. We always pay you on time, every two weeks. Our employees have none of the burdens or liabilities associated with being an independent contractor. Watch out! Some cleaning companies tout unbelievably high wages; however your take-home pay as an independent contractor ends up being considerably less.

Will I get to clean for the same clients on an ongoing basis?

Yes, for the most part. We set up your schedule with primarily on-going clients who are on a regular cleaning schedule and who live relatively close to one another so your drive time is minimized. You will also have opportunities to do initial cleanings for new clients who may then become your regular on-going client. Our clients and cleaners like to get to know one another and appreciate as much consistency and routine as possible. However, you will also do some occasional and one-time cleanings.

What if I have allergies, sensitivities to cleaning products, or back problems?
If you know that you are allergic to pets, dust or cleaning products this job may not be a good fit for you. Our on-going cleanings are done using non-toxic products; however, some sensitivities are extreme enough that even non-toxic cleaning may be a problem. We do not suggest house cleaning as a good line of employment for people who have suffered previous back injuries or who are prone to back problems. Some employees have been able to have successful long term employment in house cleaning using doctor prescribed allergy medication to offset pet allergies and people with back issues have had some relief with the use of a back support belt. Your health and well being are of the utmost importance, however, so we suggest employment that does not complicate existing health issues.

If this sounds like the perfect job for you? If so then – Apply online

If you have questions or would like to know more, please contact our office at 510-623-0557 or contact us at theresa@mtohousecleaning.com